5 Signs Anxiety Is Affecting Your Relationship

If you feel that the problems in your relationship are constantly increasing, anxiety may be the culprit. Sometimes you don’t feel the transformations anxiety brings in your behaviour and, in turn, how it is affecting your love life. Therefore, keeping yourself aware with this will help you to cope with the consequences and move towards healing and freedom.

An abundance of information is available regarding the effects of depression and anxiety in our mental, emotional and physical health. However, there is not much information present about how anxiety ruins relationships and marriages.

Here are a few signs that show how anxiety disorder is affecting your relationship and what you can do to regain intimacy and strengthen your love bond:

You are Behaving Selfishly

When you are depressed and terrified, you tend to focus on your own problems or trying to protect yourself. A research shows that this kind of defensive mode is contagious and affects your morality. It also keeps you away from being affectionate and compassionate with the partner.

So, when you notice that you are being defensive, take a time to consider the love, respect and concern that you have for yourself and your significant other. Discuss with your partner about your fluctuating feelings and apologize for letting stress and depression make you self-centred.

You Are Not Able to Express Yourself

An anxious person finds it difficult to express his or her exact feelings. Also, such people create some boundaries around them so that the partner or loved ones would not know about the problems they are going through. You may try to ignore the experience of anxiety.

When you don’t express your true feelings, anxiety becomes stronger and more disturbing. In this condition, your emotions may become overwhelmed and you become more defensive. To cope with this situation, you need to acknowledge your feelings before these may worsen your relationship. Approach your beloved with love and kindness, and release some of the unwanted thoughts or fears revolving in your mind.

Your Sex Drive is Dead

If you are feeling a lack of sexual connection in your relationship, this is a signal that anxiety is present. Almost 75 percent of people who are stressed- report a loss of libido. While it is normal to have an ebb and flow of sexual urge within a relation, a long-term distance from the same shows the presence of depression.

Different factors are responsible for not desiring to sex with the partner - poor body image, prescription medications, hormonal changes, feeling weary and stressed, hidden hatred, poor dietary or sleep habits, and so on. Therefore, to rekindle the passion and have a healthier sexual relationship, you need to address these problems.

You Are Consistently Feeling Uneasy:

When you feel anxious, you don’t take any interest in the surroundings. Uneasiness stops you focusing on your present- it literally steals the joys from moments and makes you feel either terrified or limited. A body always responds to the brain and a disturbed mental state causes problems in sexual life. Dwelling on negative thoughts all the time affects your ability to be present in a relationship.

To overcome negative thoughts, it is essential to clear your mind and don’t take yourself so seriously. Start listing all the positive things happened in your life. Try to be positive in all situations. Sometimes the good things are in front of us and we still ignore them. Don’t forget to laugh and play with your spouse. Go for a walk with your partner. All these things will relieve your brain from negative thinking and help in maintaining a healthy relationship.

You Are Fighting Over Little Things

It is normal to have bad days. But if your every disagreement with your partner is converting into an argument, stress may be a factor. If you have been stressed for a long period, it spikes in cortisol and adrenaline, which suppress your mood hormones. It means you will always feel argumentative or bad-tempered. Therefore, when you are on the verge of a battle with your beloved, take a moment to deal with your depression or stress.

Instead of getting irritated at every little thing, you should agree to not fight unnecessarily. Listen to some good music that calms your mind or can go for a walk. If you are still making every little molehill a mountain, it may be time to meet mental health specialist for help and support. The doctor will prescribe you anxiety medication to overcome it.

Sometimes, you feel more depressed when you keep things to yourself. If you have something in your mind, it is wise to talk about this with your partner. Because anxiety may overtake your whole life but the support of a partner who understands your feelings and problems will assist the relation to run smoothly. Your beloved might help you in putting things into right perspective so you can find the root cause of your problem and deal with it accordingly.