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A+ Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Service: A quarter of a century of carpet cleaning in Lawton OK

A quarter of a century of carpet cleaning in Lawton OK and still doing the spring and year-round cleaning in houses and offices until today, we are A+ Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Service. We have been at this long enough and we can make the bold assurance that the care we offer meets industry standards.

Our company is made of a team of specialists engaged in ensuring that the environment where you work and come home to is hygienic and spotless. We know exactly what to do as carpet cleaning in Lawton OK is our specialty. We also offer immediate water extraction service in case of emergency where leaks, overflows and backups will not be a messy problem for long. We are here for you round-the-clock, day or night, whatever time.

Thinking of going it on your own is understandable as it may save a few bucks. Will it really? Have you made sure that the family is safe? Have you covered your property with the lasting protection it also deserves?

A+ Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Service in Lawton, OK is up to the task of protecting your valued investments. We have three different packages to choose from. Not only that, a custom package that will fit your individual needs can also be drawn up. We will sit down with you and come up with a plan for your home or office free of charge. Just let us know when and where. For your peace of mind, we guarantee our work 100%.

We are a family-run firm and we know your concerns in the home. You want a house that’s free of health hazards emanating from invisible dusts that float around and from contaminated soiled spots you may not be aware of. Carpet cleaning, in such a case, becomes a must since it is a requirement for healthy living.

Here are other services that you can avail of: cleaning when you move in or out, mattress scrubbing, carpet repair-stretching-patching-restoration, deodorizer treatment, intensive car vacuuming, upholstery polishing and even pet washing.

We understand that the carpet is, without a doubt, the most overused fixture in homes and offices. It can suffer rips, burns, stain, crumples, discolorations and whatever other disasters caused by foot activity and human mistakes. Plain wear and tear will finally be evident, too.

So what do you do? Buy a brand-new expensive carpet and get another installation done? It doesn’t have to go that way. You can reach out to the people who know how to make your original investment last since this is, after all, the practical way to do it. Carpet cleaning in Lawton OK can’t be any easier. It’s not the end of the world. Just let us know what your concerns are and we will be there to help!

A+ Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Service in Lawton, OK offers discounts to senior citizens, those in the military service and retired veterans. As part of our commitment to giving back, we also donate 10% of our monthly earnings to

charity. The services we give have a 10 to 30-day guarantee, depending on the kind of coverage.

We have remained family-owned to retain that intimate attention to detail that only a caring family member can give. Families and business concerns have been generous with their feedback and for all the written and verbal reaction, we are truly grateful. A+ Carpet Cleaning in Lawton OK has found them encouraging and the company has also been enriched with tips on how to improve ourselves moving forward.

Our team of professionals remains to be the most competitive in the carpet cleaning industry of Lawton OK. We are proud to make that claim as we have been in the business of making all homes and offices sparkling and safe for the people in them for 25 long and caring years.

A+ Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Service in Lawton, OK will be happy to hear from you. We are thrilled at the thought of making a difference in your family’s life or in your work environment. Get in touch with us and allow us to show you how we can be of help. We are just a call or a log on away. You may give us a ring at (580) 678-2927.

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