Experience the Comfort and Convenience of the Delta1 Saddle Vest

Manhattan, New York – Are you searching for the perfect ‘bag’ you can use for school, office, outdoor activities, and other daily routines? We all need that “all-around bag” that simply fits wherever you go, whatever you do; one that can effortlessly carry your essential items such as money, credit cards, IDs, and even your energy bar and sports drink when jogging or long distance running. If you are in the hunt for that bag, you have come to the right place as Delta1 Saddle V, your trusted Manhattan shirt company, also offers a unique vest that works as a bag – the Delta1 Saddle Vest.

With the popularity of social media – people sharing snaps of their workout routine, their weekend hiking and outdoor adventure, their perfect summer destinations and the like – we have seen a rise in the number of people now becoming enthusiastic about outdoor activities such as jogging, running, kayaking, hiking, mountain climbing, and camping as a result. If you are one of those trying to be physically active to stay healthy and energetic, then you know you got to have the perfect bag you can use in these activities. Your gym bag, hiker’s backpack and even your suitcase all serve a purpose and are very useful for certain occasions, but you want to have that one bag which you can carry anywhere without it causing any inconvenience and discomfort. Certainly you can’t carry a gym bag while running, a suitcase when hiking, or a backpack while kayaking. If you need a bag that can carry certain essential items while performing your activities, then the Delta1 Saddle Vest is a great option. Yes, you read that right; it is a vest that functions as a bag.

Dilgilio Rodriguez is the proud creator of the Delta1 Saddle Vest. He has given so much time and effort in perfecting the product so that others can make the most of it. Dilgilio was born and raised in New York City and is a 10-year veteran of the Navy, finishing his career with an M.I.U. Using his past experiences, he has created a unique vest that is worn on the dominant side of the body and one that can comfortably and conveniently serve the purpose of a body bag.

Originally, the vest/bag was designed with fascinating, unique, specialized pockets but doing so was going to take one essential element away – aesthetics. So Dilgilio decided to go with regular pockets in multiple colors. It is made of quality waterproof material that comes in seven pockets (six exposed and one concealed). The vest also comes with two-inch tactical belts that wrap around the torso and five quick-release fasteners for easy removal. The vest comes with a design that allows for even weight distribution across the body. If you are planning on using this as a company bag, there are hook-and-loop liners on each side where you can attach company logo patches. The product is 100% manufactured in the USA using only quality materials. Dilgilio is proud of this creation which if one of the best sellers of his Manhattan shirt company. He uses it every day and hopes that customers also find it useful and convenient.

The Delta1 Saddle Vest is perfect for both the young and old, male or female. It can be used to school, to work or to any of your outdoor activities such as jogging, long distance running, camping, mountain climbing, canoeing, kayaking, motorcycling and several other activities. With it, you will never run out of essential space to store your valuables which will also be protected from rain or water as it is made of waterproof materials.

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So, if you are searching for new and innovative outdoor stuff you can use for your next activity, you might want to browse through this Manhattan clothing website as you will find more than just clothes. You will definitely love their Delta1 Saddle Vest which functions as an all-around bag for all your activities. Feel free to look around at For more details, you can also give them a call at (347) 445-3656.