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Mack Gibson: Columnist and Opinion Writer in Houston, TX

Many people enjoy reading since it is a great way to learn and be entertained. With how advanced technology has become, the Internet has brought a whole new lifestyle to readers and subscribers. However, many people still subscribe to magazines or read their daily newspaper. Many columnist in Houston, TX give their readers plenty to read about through their own experiences and knowledge. They offer different features and their own unique ways can keep their readers interested and coming back for more.

Malcolm “Mack” Gibson is a newspaper columnist and opinion writer in Houston, TX who writes about politics, culture, and the human condition. He was born in Houston, Texas to a father who was a petroleum land man and a mother who was a homemaker. Eventually, his family moved to Lafayette, Louisiana where he attended high school and play competitive golf and basketball. After he graduated from the University of Texas in Austin, he got his law degree in 1973 at Southern Methodist University, then he began his practice in Houston.

Mack is a veteran of over sixty marathons and his career as a published author began when he shared his stories about running and fitness. He did not simply focus on how to do it, but instead he provided other life lessons covering 26.2 miles. For forty years of representing banks, real estate developers, and wheeler dealers in the boom-bust Texas markets, Mack has given plenty of ammunition for his human interest stories.

He is currently a contributing columnist in Houston, TX for a number of newspapers. His routine on a daily basis is waking up early and staying up late because he believe that it balances his law practice along with his passion in writing. On his spare time, he enjoys reading, running, and he plays a role in various voluntary board positions.

Mack is not only a writer, but he also goes out of his way to listen to his readers, hear what they have to say, and be involved with other people. He remains active through his writing and has even encouraged his readers through his column “Plain Talk Can Bring Us Together” by forwarding their articles to someone of another ethnicity with whom they can discuss their thoughts and ideas. Since he also is active via social media, he also encourages his readers to forward the results of the conversations of the activity and post them on his Facebook.

Human beings are social animals and relationships can be crucial to survival. This is something that Mack is well aware of, which is why he goes all out not to only be a writer, but to also be one with the people. Through his columns and stories, he adds his own life-long knowledge and experience in a friendly and amicable atmosphere. To enrich his pieces, he makes use of references, cross-references, and repeated consultation while at the same time adding his own true and genuine opinion. He addresses each piece in a way where he adds his own personal touch and tries to connect with his audience. Through this, he continues to hope that his writing can be used as inspiration and a guide to others.

Not only does Mack write as a professional columnist, but he also does it as a leisure activity with a passion that keeps his readers interested in looking for more of his work. He keeps his piece educational, entertaining, and it also gives readers the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. The only experience of life is the one we have, however, Mack takes you on a journey by briefly experiencing a little of what it would be to be in his shoes.

With plenty of stories up his sleeve, Malcolm “Mack” Gibson continues his journey as a newspaper columnist and opinion writer in Houston, TX. If you are interested to read more of his short stories, reflections, and newspaper columns, you can visit his website at You can also subscribe to his newsletter to receive personal updates. Mack understands how people are constantly looking to engage with the worlds and mental states of others or they are simply looking for guidance from someone else’s experience. For this reason, he hopes to be a voice that can be heard to everyone through his writing.