CommunicAID Constructs A New Charity Center In Mercer Street

The former elementary school will be transformed into a shelter center to ease Homeless Issues

HONG KONG — Feb 20/ PRNewswire/  — CommunicAID purchases the land property of the former elementary school to open a new center integrating office spaces and shelters for needy people.

The board of trustees of CommunicAID signed a contract with YourState Housing Authority on Monday, agreeing on the property purchase of the former elementary with a 9-3 vote. The purchase price has been negotiated at $2.5 million, funded by the Anytown City Council and the housing authority. The architectural firm Anderson and Lee will be the chief architect for the project.

“It is our honour to have the opportunity to expand our service, and offer our helping hand to people in need,” said Jonathan Liu, the director of public affairs of CommunicAID. “We hope that with the launch of the new office, we could create a better community together with the local residences – a community with fewer drugs trafficking, crime, and homeless.”

The school has been empty for two years while the area carries a high amount of population of elderly and low-income families in need of food and shelter. The current center of CommunicAID is difficult to reach due to the lack of transportation, in which moving to this new address will undoubtedly raise the accessible rate to the center and services.

The construction work will begin within two months. The facilitates include a satellite office for CommunicAID staffs to operate in the area, office space for non-profit affiliates, as well as conference rooms and counselling rooms for education and meetings. Another important feature is the numerous numbers of shelters cooperating inside the building. There will be a 32-bed overnight shelter, a 60-person day shelter with food service, a 30-person long-term family shelter and a 12,000 square foot food pantry to serve the underprivileged.

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About CommunicAID

CommunicAID has been serving Hong Kong for more than 13 years by a group of citizens who concerned about the rising number of homeless in Anytown. The mission is to build awareness and raise funds for more affordable homes and better communities across the nation. CommunicAID has a coalition of different partner organizations – corporations, government agencies and nonprofits – working together for a better Anytown. Apart from providing basic services including food and shelter, CommunicAID aims to provide learning and working opportunities for homeless to overcome poverty in the long run. For more information please visit

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