CommunicAID’s New Center Lifts Curtain at Mercer Street

Providing food and homeless shelter to poor people in Mercer Street

HONG KONG—Feb. 10, 2018—CommunicAID is going to renovate the disused elementary school into a new community service center. The center can provide various shelter and food services for the disadvantaged population on Mercer Street.

The CommunicAID Board of Trustees voted by 9-3 to sign a contract with Anytown to purchase the former elementary school property on Mercer Street with $2.5 million. The construction work will begin within two months.

New facilities include 32-bed overnight shelter, 60-person day shelter with food, 30-person long-term family shelter and 12,000 square foot food pantry. There are counselling rooms for meetings and conference rooms for community tutoring. All local residents with a residential proof can access the service freely.

“A survey was done earlier to examine the effectiveness of our current tutorial services. It showed that 75 percent of the students who received tutoring in Mathematics and reading at the center passed to the next grade, whereas there was only 50 percent passing rate for those who didn't receive tutoring.’’ said E.W. Parsons, General Counsel of CommunicAID. ‘‘Therefore, we are confident our  new centre is going to help more students.” continued Suzanne. J. McGrath, MSW, President of CommunicAID. In addition, the center will turn into an “open house” for Anytown residents to tour the center and hear lectures on the programs as well as the volunteer opportunities on the first Sunday of every month.

In order to benefit the Mercer’s resident, CommunicAID purchased the property located in a more accessible district. Researches illustrated the Mercer Street population is unaware of the services from CommunicAID now as their current offices are located at inconvenient locations with little transportation to access. Moreover, Mercer Street has been highly concentrated with disadvantaged groups where crimes and drug trafficking are common.

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About CommunicAID

CommunicAID, an inclusive and equal-opportunity organization which was founded in 1994, is currently operating two community centers in Sham Shui Po and Yau Ma Tei. Originally dedicated to providing care, food and shelter for homeless people, CommunicAID today also bring the homeless out from poverty by helping them to find work and housing. CommunicAID is paying effort on increasing the percentage of donations from private sources and the visibility of CommunicAID via social media and national stories. CommunicAID’s funding sets the highest record this year. For more information about CommunicAID, please visit the company’s website at or contact us on 444-0000.