HealthWay Pharmacies, Inc.

HealthWay Pharmacies Inc. Provides Mail Prescription to YSEA Exclusively

Separated Record-Keeping and Processing Facility for Quality Service

HONG KONG, Feb. 11 2018 — HealthWay Pharmacies Inc., a Hong Kong-based retail pharmacy chain operating in 165 locations over Asia, announced that they would provide mail prescription service to The YourState State Employees Association (YSEA) Health system for the next four years.

This is the first time YSEA offers a  mail-prescription service to members. It benefits over one million state employees. HealthWay maintains a completely separate record-keeping and processing facility for YSEA member.

“We value the priority of a well-established record keeping and we promise it would benefit the whole town” said J.D. Smith, Director of the Health Insurance Division of the YourState State Employees Association. HealthWay will move its entire prescription handling facility to  Orthertown, YS. hoping to provide space for two separate processing departments. The new facility contains a common shipping department that meets YSEA requirements.

HealthWay has received funding for the new facility from the YourState Office of Economic Development under the governor’s “New Jobs; New Opportunities” initiative. “We believe it is also important to create more job opportunities for relevant skilled persons in the society. Our cooperation with HealthWay could bring positive public influence generally,” said Linda McManus, Director of the YourState Office of Economic Development. HealthWay will use 40 more staff in non-professional categories and licensed pharmacists. Pharmacy technicians is also expected.

The online “Ask your Pharmacist” program will delay for six months due to new facility establishment.  For more information, contact Ms. Joanne Rogers, contracting officer at (200) 929 0744.

About HealthWay Pharmacies Inc.: Established in 1985, HealthWay is among the largest and most convenient pharmacy operating in 165 locations distributed in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. HealthWay, in lights of customer services and experiences, is a pioneer of innovation to provide prescription and medications services by mail, fax and phone through serving hundreds and thousands of residents in both urban and rural areas. The Mail-Meds services have served over 345 companies and organizations including Central College, Firefighters’ Association, etc. With over 2500 staff, we are committed to offer our customers 100 percent confidence in high-quality services.


Roy Adams/ Director of Public Relations Publishing Specialist

HealthWay Pharmacies Inc.