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Are you overpaying for your Medicare Supplement? 

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - For Medicare beneficiaries Medicare Part D open enrollment is rapidly approaching. Therefore, it is a natural time for a senior to ensure they aren’t overpaying for their other Medicare supplement coverage.

Many people don’t realize that Medicare Supplement are standardized by the government, and are competitive markets. Many Fremont County residents could be potentially overpaying by $30-$80 a month more than necessary.

How is this possible?

Federal law stipulates that Medicare Supplement plans with the same letter, even if sold by different companies, provide the same benefits. The only difference is the premium they charge. Differences in premium can be as large $30-$80 month. For seniors the savings add up quickly.

"It is fun to see what people do with the savings," says JaDell Hovander, President of Continental Crest Insurance Services P.C. "I have seen clients do everything from taking trips, pay bills to making extra donations to grandkid’s college funds."

Unfortunately, the Medicare system is quite convoluted and confusing.  "My goal is to sit down with each of my clients and explain the Medicare system along with the different supplemental options that are necessary to reducing the exposure one would have with Original Medicare alone," says JaDell. "Providing a little bit of clarity and helping people save money are two of the things I enjoy the most about working in the world of Medicare Supplements."

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