Richa Aggarwal

Learn the Key Benefits of Using GoDaddy for Your Web Hosting Needs

Are you planning to start a business? If yes, then certainly you need web presence. To locate visitors to your website, it is important to choose web hosting services. With such services, you can make your website accessible to others on World Wide Web. It is essential for companies of all sizes. Be it global conglomerates or one person shop, the benefits of a website domain is enjoyed all.

In terms of web hosting and domain services, GoDaddy is considered to be a leader. With 60 million domain names, it has become an ICANN-accredited registrar. The company has enhanced its visibility by sponsoring NASCAR driver Danica Patrick and getting into sports sponsorship. Today, GoDaddy is everywhere. If you are looking for some key benefits of using GoDaddy, then the below-mentioned points will solve all your doubts:

Cost-Effective Marketing Services: GoDaddy provides various promotional services such as pay per click advertising campaigns, email based marketing and social media. For instance, it has three email marketing packages which are available for a price ranging from $9.99 to $19.99 a month with additional features such as email templates, subscribers as well as social visibility services.

Tiered Pricing Packages: Understanding the different web hosting needs of people, the company comes up with varied packages with myriad feature levels and prices. For example, if you are about to start a website, you are free to choose packages from economy, deluxe, and ultimate that have different memory space, number of email accounts, and bandwidth allocations.

Affordable Prices: When compared to its competitors, the prices of GoDaddy are reportedly 70% affordable. In addition, it also provides GoDaddy coupons that readily decreases the rates.

Domain Management Add-Ons: When you register with GoDaddy or choose to transfer your domains to them, they offer you interesting add-ons such as email address, photo album as well as one-page website to personalize.

Security: By locking the domain names, GoDaddy ensures best security of its clients. With its advanced security features, your domain names cannot be used by others. Your personal data is also secured against identity thefts.

Warranty: In case, you suffered from any kind of financial loss due to the SSL certificate issued by GoDaddy, you are entitled to get financial protection of approximately $250,000.

Round The Clock Customer Support: The dedicated customer representatives are available 24*7 to address your queries. You can contact them via phone, email or chat. In addition, you can also generate a help ticket for your inquiries and access online forums for quick reply.

So, now as you are well aware  of the key benefits of GoDaddy, choose to use their services today. You can also get GoDaddy promo code by and enjoy great benefits.