My news stream changed! What's the deal?!

First off, thank you for being awesome friends and neighbors! Your patience and ability to "roll with it" during our recent changes is appreciated by the entire team here at Pitchengine! *So what's it all about?* Although you may only know us by your favorite News Stream (County 10, Oil City, Reboot, Buckrail, Dally, Shortgo and County 17), Pitchengine has been around since 2008 making marketing and PR software used by brands like Budweiser, Walmart, MasterCard and 50,000 other businesses worldwide. Since we started Pitchengine Communities in 2012, we've seen massive growth across Wyoming (we're approaching 3 Million pageviews per month). Older publishing platforms just weren't built for today's news consumers. For one, most of you get our news from your smartphones — 73% of you in fact! So, in true Pitchengine fashion we decided to rethink and rebuild from the ground-up. We set our sights on creating a modern "Instant Publish" system we're calling, Current. [image: 12036890_888103911273535_7985083399543517507_n.jpg] *Jason Kintzler, Pitchengine Communities* *The techie details — and what it means for you!* Because mobile is the preferred method for readers to get our content, we focused our efforts there, first. Instead of making you wait for pages to load each and every time you clicked on a story, we now simply expand posts to reveal more information right on the page. We've also made it easier to share breaking news and important content with your friends. Want to change streams? Click on the menu icon in the upper left of the screen to check out another community news stream. For our partners, we're able to deliver relevant, mobile-first content right where you "live" — on your smartphone. We're also excited to roll out some new hashtag streams custom to our partners and advertisers. Perhaps the most revolutionary part though is on the publishing side. Our Community Mavens (sort of modern-day reporters) can now easily publish from their mobile devices — in the field — when news is happening and stories are breaking. They can effectively share Instagram photos or YouTube videos with readers on-demand. Never before has a publishing system been able to accommodate today's content creator better or more efficiently. We're excited to see how far we can take "Current" and to watch it grow. *What's next?* What we don't have is a content problem. On average, our Mavens publish about 70 stories per day across Wyoming. That dwarfs any state or regional news outlet, period. Because of this, it means that readers have their hands full. We now have our sights set on solving this looming problem by giving readers more control over the content they choose to follow. We've got some great stuff in store in the coming weeks on that front! *Note: For those of you that rely solely on email to receive updates from your news stream, we apologize for the recent issues. We ran into some obstacles during this transition and we hope to have those sorted out in the next day or so. Thanks for your patience!* We couldn't do what we do without the support of incredible Community Partners from around the state who see the value in what we do for your community. I want to personally say thanks to you and your employees for "getting it." And to every reader from Lusk to Alpine and everywhere in between, thanks again for following your favorite news streams and contributing your amazing stories and photos from your communities. It's truly incredible to watch your communities connect! *Thank you for reading!* *— Jason Kintzler and the entire Pitchengine team* [image: PitchEngineCommunities.png] #county10 #oilcity #reboot #buckrail #dally #shortgo #county17