Dispatch: Arrests; Antiques stolen from woman's basement; "Volatile" game of cribbage reported; Woman alleged to have drugged her kids

Here is Thursday's recap of law enforcement activity around the county. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Riverton Police Department* *Arrests/Citations* *A 21-year-old Lander female* was cited for Shoplifting $70 worth of cosmetics from Walmart. *Samantha Gray,* 30, Riverton, Shoplifting and Possession of Stolen Property from Walmart including $78 in diapers and lotions. *Calls:* *There were 22 calls for service on Tuesday* A vandalism was reported in the 300 block of South 12th East where two tires on a blue Dodge Durango had the air let out of them. A woman in the 400 block of Jefferson called police to report that apparently someone had been staying in her basement because things had been moved around and now she was missing a $2,500 set of antique silverware and $1,000 of antique jewelry. A woman called from the 300 block of East Madison to say that someone had taken a window air conditioning unit off of her house and entered, although nothing seemed to be missing. Riverton police have scheduled a mediation session with two families for this Saturday to bring to an end an ongoing conflict between children which has resulted in about 20 calls to the address in the past year. In the latest incident, older kids about 11 or 12 allegedly were hitting a 7-year-old boy. Police are awaiting video surveillance on a shoplifting incident at Rocky Mountain Sports where a "young male" allegedly took some ammo without paying. *There were 19 calls on Wednesday* Police were contacted by a law enforcement agency in the state of Oregon on an alleged stolen vehicle that was owned by a Riverton man, who formerly lived in Oregon. Police contacted the local resident who said he had given permission for his car to be used and that it was not stolen. A red 2007 Chevy Silverado collided with a black 2006 Ford at North 8th West and Pershing resulting in over $1,000 of damage. A man called police saying that he had given another man permission to take anything from his yard that the other man wanted. The man took a motorhome, but apparently the owner didn't really mean "anything." Police mediated the problem and it was resolved without any further drama. A blue 1999 Ford collided with a silver 2012 Toyota at Central Wyoming College. Over $1,000 in damage was reported. Police are still working a case in which a man ran out of Woodward's liquor with a half-gallon of whiskey valued at $45.29 and drove off in a white Buick. Video surveillance captured the license plate number and police are in the process of contacting the registered owner of the vehicle. A fender bender was reported at North 5th and East Main between a white 2012 GMC Acadia and a white 2007 Honda CRV. Damage was over $1,000. A mother called police to complain that her teenage son, who also lives there, broke into the house. That is not a crime, the woman was told. There is an ongoing dispute between the two that has resulted in multiple calls to the residence in the 500 block of East Park. A verbal argument resulted from what a police report indicated was a "volatile" game of cribbage at an apartment in the 100 block of East Park. The two male players apparently became involved in a verbal disagreement during the game and one of the players called police saying his opponent told him to "step up if his pride had been hurt" and he considered that a threat. A red and silver Mongoose 75 bicycle was found next to dumpsters in the 500 block of North Federal. It was logged in. Police were unable to locate an injured deer that was struck by a vehicle at West Main and Circle Drive and that was allegedly dragging a leg. *Lander Police Department* *Arrests/Citations:* No Arrests were recorded *Calls:* *There were 10 calls for service* A resident called police to make a report on an incident that occurred over the summer when someone shot an arrow into the reporting party's boat on Shoshone Avenue. The report was needed for an insurance claim. Police received a call at 1:55 that "Grandpa was sitting in the middle of the street with his walker." A responding officer said the man was not in the street, but resting next to the street. He was fine. The Department of Family Services was given additional information on a case they are currently working in which a woman is alleged to have doped her children with medication to get them to sleep because she allegedly goes out out at night. A barking dog was reported at in the 200 block of Leedy Drive. *Fremont County Sheriff's Office* *Arrests/Citations:* *Scottie Anderson*, 49, Shoshoni, on a Hot Springs County warrant *Thomas L. Brown*, 44, Ethete, on a Probation Revocation *Marcus Griebel*, 19, Kinnear, on a Probation Revocation *Kayla Iiams,* 24, Lander, on a Failure to Appear warrant *William Topaum*, 38, Riverton, on a Probation Revocation *A 26-year-old male non-Tribal member* was cited for Possession of Marijuana by a Sheriff's Deputy after receiving a call from BIA Wind River Police Department of a drug violation at the Beaver Creek Housing Area south of Riverton. *Calls:* *There were 82 calls for service* A report of someone pointing guns at children near Kinnear was unfounded. A complaint was called in that a registered sex offender had dropped off some children at a Lander residence. Unable to locate the man, the FCSO placed the man on a "non-compliant" list. A complaint was received from Dubois that someone had pulled down a fence along the Horse Creek Road. Deputies were called to the Dubois School on a complaint that a girl's cell phone was stolen. A break-in was reported to an outbuilding on Elder Lane near Riverton. Deputies were called to the scene of a home break-in near Kinnear. A report was taken. A Dubois man called the FCSO to report that his 1993 Dodge truck was missing and that he suspected two subjects who were visiting him of that theft. The truck was found crashed in Natrona County with both occupants killed. The deceased were identified as the two people who had been staying with the Dubois man. (see County10 report on this crash posted on Wednesday). A resident on Mossy Oak called to report some missing property. A woman called to report receiving a fraudulent telephone call from someone purporting to be from a national bank wanting her to travel back east for a television commercial. Three horses were reporting missing from their pasture on Squaw Creek Road outside of Lander. A dog on Blackfoot Avenue in Riverton reportedly killed a chicken on that street. *Fremont County Emergency Medical Services* There were 17 ambulance calls over the past two days. *Fremont County Fire Departments* There were three fire calls, one to a fatal car crash on Plunkett Road on Tuesday, and two fire alarms in Lander. *Fremont County Coroner* The coroner's office was called to the scene of a double-fatal single-vehicle rollover on Plunkett Road on Tuesday. There were no coroner calls on Wednesday. #county10