Military Science Class visited Heart Mountain Relocation Camp Friday

The FC BOCES Military Science Class at Riverton High School took a field trip on Friday to the Heart Mountain Relocation Camp between Powell and Cody to learn how Asian Americans were rounded up after Pearl Harbor and imprisoned during the course of the war. "Through photographs, artifacts, oral histories and interactive exhibits, guests to the Center experience life at Heart Mountain through the eyes of those Japanese and Japanese Americans that were confined here during WWII. The Center provides an overview of the wartime relocation of Japanese Americans, including the background history of anti-Asian prejudice in America and the factors leading to their enforced relocation and confinement. Special emphasis is given to the experience of incarceration, the diverse personal responses of Japanese Americans to their imprisonment, constitutional issues, violations of civil liberties and civil rights, and the broader issues of race and social justice in the U.S.," according to the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center web site. [image: eo 1.png] [image: eo2.png] [image: eo3.png] [image: eo4.png] [image: eo5.png] Feature and other Photos: Cody Myers, RHS Military Science Class /