Marketing Experience? Freelance as a Pitchengine Agent in Your Community!

Want to help businesses in your community take their marketing to the next level? Are you a creative-thinking, marketing-savvy content maven with the skills to pay the bills? If your answer is an enthusiastic, "Yes!" then we have the program for you! Introducing Pitchengine Agents , a new "Free Agent" program from Pitchengine designed to connect savvy storytellers with businesses in communities everywhere. The program is designed to pay you for helping businesses create and share their stories using Pitchengine, Facebook and other digital, mobile-friendly means. Whether you are your own boss or working on a team, you can change the game for your favorite businesses, brands and organizations. We're starting in Wyoming, where we've already built the largest audience of engaged readers — customers and consumers — who care about what's happening now in their cities and towns across Wyoming. They follow and interact with a Pitchengine Community News Stream everyday and they read everything our team publishes. Work with Pitchengine as an independent contractor and get paid to create content and tell the stories of businesses in your community. You could earn more than $50K per year depending on when and how much you want to work. It’s really up to you! Fit work into life. Not the other way around. APPLY TO BE AN AGENT #county10 #oilcity #reboot #buckrail #shortgo #dally #county17 #sponsored