"I feel gratified that I have improved someone's quality of life and contributed to my community."

*(Fremont County, Wyo.)* - Raised by a general practice physician, Dr. Joe Turner saw the hard work and dedication that career demanded. Joe's father was a small town general practice physician in Louisiana for over 50 years. While growing up, many people would ask, "Are you going to be a doctor like your daddy when you grow up?" His answer was always, "No way!" Joe's father was gone on the holidays and weekends, and he worked all hours of the night. However, as Joe got older he began to see the positive side in his father's vocation. "He was always so proud of how he helped people, and the patients were always so grateful," said Joe. When Dr. Turner completed high school and was thinking about college, he realized that academically his strong suit was in the sciences, especially chemistry and biology. Therefore, Dr. Turner chose to major in biochemistry with a concentration in premed. The rest, as they say, is history. After completing medical school and receiving his M.D. degree, Dr. Turner decided to follow in his father's footsteps and become a small town physician. He chose a Family Medicine residency program that allowed him to receive excellent training and experience in OB/GYN, pediatrics, internal medicine and ICU. In 1988, Joe joined his father's practice and continued to learn from his many years of experience. Joe's wife, Dr. Candy, joined two years later, which allowed Joe's father to retire. Dr. Turner's concentration has slowly changed over the years. He no longer practices OB or newborn pediatrics. He currently still practices school-age pediatrics and office dermatologic surgeries. But because of his training, the local consulting specialist noticed that he has the ability to handle most of the difficult medical situations. "My main interest now is in more complicated patients, those with chronic problems such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and COPD. While I enjoy the challenge of treating a patient with complex medical problems, I would get more satisfaction out of preventing these problems in the first place," said Joe. One of the things Dr. Turner loves most about his profession is the doctor-patient relationship. He found it hard to leave his long-time patients in Louisiana. However, Dr. Turner noted the positive welcome he and his wife received when they arrived in Wyoming. "We are made to feel like we belong here and I am privileged to be in a profession where in the evening, after a long day I can reflect and feel gratified that I have improved someone's quality of life and contributed to my community," said Joe. In the end, Dr. Turner is glad he chose to walk in his father's footsteps. Same or next day appointments are available. Call 307-857-3488 to make an appointment.