Man beaten, tortured, and nearly killed in drunken frenzy at Riverton mobile home park

Riverton Police arrested eight suspects all on felony charges after a 30-year-old local man was detained, tied up, beaten, kicked, struck with objects and had a bag tied over his head at a Riverton mobile home park in the 400 block of North 7th East Saturday night. It was the same mobile home park, but a different trailer, where a 44-year-old woman was found dead several weeks ago after another drinking party. Police Captain Eric Murphy said the victim had been poked in his right eye with a knife, there was extensive swelling on the left side of his face and that his left eye became swollen shut when officers were interviewing him, there were indentations on his wrist where something had been tied around them and his hands were swelling and beginning to bruise. It is unknown at this point who took the bag off of his head and untied him, but the victim was the one who answered the door when police arrived just past 10 p.m. "His shirt was torn, he was covered in blood, his face was swollen and he was crying," Murphy said, quoting from a report. Arrested and charged with felonious restraint, aggravated assault and battery and resisting arrest was 21-year-old Jordan Oldman of Riverton. Charged with Felonious restraint and aggravated assault and battery was 24-year-old Kasia Monroe of riverton and 19-year-old Youthin Friday of Riverton. Charged with accessory before the fact were David Ferris, 48, Fort Washakie; Felicia Ferris, 38, Riverton; Melanie Friday, 44, Riverton, Crystal Spoonhunter, 41 of Arapahoe and Ramsey Whiteclay, 35 of Winner, SD. All the those arrested were under the influence of alcohol. A police report said David Ferris was at a 0.15%, Felicia Ferris was at a 0.23%, Melanie Friday was at a 0.24%, Youthin Friday was at 0.10%, Monroe was at a 0.29%, Oldman was at 0.14%, Spoonhunter was at 0.26% and Whiteclay was at 0.16% blood alcohol levels. The victim was taken to SageWest-Riverton for treatment and Murphy said his status this morning is not known. Before he was transported, the victim told police that he had been tied up, kicked and punched, hit with objects, a knife was held at his neck and the knife poked him in the eye, a bag was tied over his head, he was knocked over and kicked again and again. He also said believed one of the assailants had a firearm. In addition to the eight arrested, there was a three-year-old child in the residence at the time of the attack. The charges has been forward to the Fremont County and Prosecuting Attorney for review and possible other charges. #county10 #news