Dispatch: Arrests; More school bus fly-bys reported; Store reported missing money from cash register

Here is the weekend’s recap of law enforcement activity around the county. All persons arrested or cited are pressed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Fremont County Sheriff's Office* *Arrests:* *Phillip Chiles*, 52, Riverton, Probation Revocation. *Andrew Fisher*, 29, Riverton, Breach of Peace. Fisher was arrested at about 10 p.m. on Friday on Cherry Street after reportedly causing a disturbance. *Calls:* At 12:01 p.m. on Friday, deputies were called to the 1500 block of East Monroe to remove an intoxicated person from a home. Someone failing to register as a sex offender is under investigation. At 2:28 p.m. on Friday, deputies documented suspicious activity around a home in Dubois. Additional information was not immediately available. At 10:03 a.m. on Saturday, a man in Dubois reported his ex was sending harassing messages. A caller in the Riverton area reported getting death threats from another man. A report was taken. At 2:58 p.m. on Saturday, a caller in the area of Fairview Drive in Dubois reported hearing about seven gunshots. Deputies found nothing out of the ordinary in the area. At 4:46 p.m., a caller on Gas Hills Road reported hearing gunshots and explosions. Nothing was found, and Wind River Police handled the investigation. A man was injured in an ATV wreck on Saturday afternoon; the sheriff's office did not have additional information to report. A report of a sexual assault is under investigation. At 10:22 a.m. on Sunday, a caller reported a single vehicle rollover on Clothesline Road. The report on the wreck has not yet been completed, so additional information was not released. At 6:50 p.m., a caller in Shoshoni reported seeing someone who might be trying to break into an old building. The subject was not located. *Lander Police Department* *Arrests:* *Jeremy Bansept*, 26, Lander, LPD Warrant. Bansept was arrested on Saturday afternoon after police were called about a possibly stolen iPad. *Brodie Schneider*, 22, Ethete, Public Intoxication. *Norman Chair*, 29, Lander, two LPD Warrants. *Stacey Nephi*, 40, Lander, three LPD Warrants. *Mary Perry*, 20, Fort Washakie, LPD Warrant and Shoplifting. *Brian Lynch*, 50, Lander, Domestic Assault. Lynch was arrested with the assistance of deputies after allegedly throwing someone down some steps. *John Chavez*, 33, Riverton, Public Intoxication. *Calls:* At 1:37 p.m. on Friday, police took a report of possible child abuse. A child had reportedly told a school councilor that his mother hit him. The report is under investigation. At 10:39 p.m., police investigated the possible vandalism of a lock on a door. Police found no evidence of foul play. At 11:03 a.m. on Saturday, a school bus struck a pole in a parking lot on the 1300 block of Main Street. Damage was minor to the bus; there was no damage to the pole. $414 in fraudulent charges on a credit card was reported. At 7:50 p.m. on Saturday, a caller at McDonald's reported that someone vandalized the bathroom with melted chocolate. At 1:52 a.m. on Sunday, two men reportedly stole $6 in beer from a convenience store. Video is being reviewed for suspect information. At 9:44 a.m., police were called to Fremont Street for a report of kids going through mailboxes. Officers found no one in the area. At 10:04 a.m., police were called to a wreck on the 100 block of East Main Street. A juvenile was cited for Driving Under the Influence and released to a parent. At 2:25 p.m., a caller at a local store said she thought someone was following her. Police found no one suspicious. *Riverton Police Department* *Arrests/Citations:* *Zachary Kimmel*, 21, Riverton, Driving While Under the Influence *Ronald Tsosie,* 50, Riverton, Failure to Appear *Joseph Leftbear*, 24, of Arapahoe, Domestic Violence (a report is pending) *Steven Amos*, 44, Riverton, Public Intoxication *Jonathon Quiver*, 20, Ethete, Shoplifting, Failure to Appear, Minor Under the Influence. He was caught taking a chicken bowl and beef jerky from the North Federal Pit Stop. The food items were value at $10.19. *Norman C'Hair*, 29, Riverton, Contempt of Court *Reuben Behan*, 29, Riverton, Failure to Appear *Clement Eagle*, 43, of Arapahoe, Open Container, Public Intoxication, Disorderly *Byron GoodVoiceElk*, 26, of Arapahoe, on a warrant from Pennington County, S.D. *A 17-year-old Riverton boy* was arrested on a Contempt of Court warrant *Elisa Trujillo*, 38, Riverton, Driving While Under the Influence *Arron Leah Arthur*, 41, St. Stephens, Failure to Appear *Raymond Antelope*, 29, Riverton, Probation Revocation *Bernadette C'Bearing*, 32, of Arapahoe, Contempt of Court •*David Ferris*, 48, Ft. Washakie, Assessory Before the Fact •*Felicia Ferris*, Riverton, Accessory Before the Fact •*Melanie Friday*, 44, Riverton, Accessory Before the Fact •Y*outhin Friday*, 19, Riverton, Aggravated Assault & Battery, Felonious Restraint •*Kasia Monroe*, 24, Riverton, Aggravated Assault & Battery, Felonious Restraint, •*Jordan Oldman*, 21, of Arapahoe, Aggravated Assault & Battery, Felonious Restraint, Resisting •*Crystal Spoonhunter*, 41, of Arapahoe, Accessory Before the Fact •*Ramsey Whiteclay*, 35, Winner, S.D., Accessory Before the Fact • *Calls:* There were 40 calls for service on Friday. Police investigated a complaint from a woman that a repair shop had her purchase four new shocks worth $600 when another mechanic reported there was nothing wrong with the old shocks. It is a civil matter. Two school-bus fly-bys were reported, in the 600 block of East Fremont and in the 600 block of West Spire. Both incidents are awaiting review of video surveillance. A man complained that he was being harassed by another person on Facebook. Police recommended he "unfriend" the other party. An employee of Linton's Big R Store called at 3:09 p.m. to report that a customer had left a firearm in a restroom there. The firearm was logged in at the RPD. Its owner may claim it there. A two-vehicle crash was reported at 3:52 p.m. in the 500 block of West Main between a gray 2006 Cadillac and a silver 2015 Jeep. Damage was over $1,000. There were 31 calls for service on Saturday. Two men showed up at the SageWest-Riverton emergency room, both showing signs of an assault, however the men could not remember where or who assaulted them. A purse left on a park bench at City Park was logged in at the RPD. A female in jail called the RPD to report she had heard someone was going into her Riverton apartment and cleaning it out. It was her father collecting her belongings. An ongoing neighbor dispute resulted in a call to police at 1:30 p.m. in the 1200 block of East Main. One neighbor complained that the other neighbor had taken all of his trash out of his dumpster and dumped it on the ground, and filled his dumpster with the other man's trash. The Arby's Restaurant reported that $225 was missing from their register at the store. Video surveillance is being reviewed and all of the store's employees will be interviewed. There were 30 calls for service on Sunday. A 28-year-old Ethete man was trespassed from from Bomber's Sports Bar at 5 minutes past midnight. A resident in the 800 block of West Main reported someone was kicking their door at 1:56 a.m. A call that someone was pounding on the door in the 200 block of South 4th West was received at 4:59 a.m. At 11:13 a.m. a woman in the 700 block of Eagle Drive reported a woman they didn't know pounding on their door. A male reportedly shoplifted a $2.99 cent bottle of mouthwash from the Dollars Store. Police are investigating a complaint that someone had purchased or provided cigarettes to an 11-year-old in the Northeast corner of City Park. Grandparents of a 10- and 11-year-old called police because their grandchildren would not get into their car and instead skateboarded away. A rock was thrown through a window at a residence in the 800 block of East Adams. The sheriff's office called the RPD to report their 911 center had received a report that someone was trying to set a car on fire behind the Holiday Inn. A minor fire was reported by the Riverton Volunteer Fire Department. A man walking down an alley in the 100 block of West Adams reported hearing a fight with people screaming and yelling coming from a residence at 11:06 p.m. A responding officer said the people inside the residence were watching an action movie and that the sound had been turned up. There was no fight. *Fremont County Ambulance* EMS crews responded to 55 calls for service over the weekend. *Fire Departments* Riverton Firefighters were called out five times for various issues, Lander was called out twice, Lander rural was called twice and Missouri Valley was called once. *Fremont County Coroner* A 61-year-old male from Dubois died on Sunday of probable natural causes, Coroner Mark Stratmoen reported Monday. He also said the cause of death of a 63-year-old Lander man who was found dead is pending receipt of toxicology tests. Stratmoen also released the identity of a 25 year-old Casper man who was killed in a pickup-semi crash three miles north of Riverrton at 3:09 p.m. on Saturday as Michael Porath, who lived and worked in Casper but who also listed Thermopolis as his home town. #county10 #news