Fremont County Commission doesn't want Syrian refugees

The Fremont County Commission this morning took a stand on the on-going national debate about whether or not to allow Syrian refugees across the country's borders. President Barrack Obama announced in September that he would allow 10,000 refugees in the next year into the U.S., but many states are fighting back. According to national news reports, so far 27 governors have said they will not allow Syrian refugees to immigrate to their state. Wyoming's Gov. Matt Mead has yet to take a formal stance on the issue. Part of the pushback comes from the recent revelation that one of the Paris attackers is believed to have been among the wave of recent refugees arriving in Europe. The Fremont County Commission unanimously approved a resolution that encourages Mead to shut Wyoming's borders to the refugees. The effort was led by Commissioner Travis Becker, who said he can't trust the federal government to properly vet the immigrants. "It's too big of a risk to the state, too big of an unknown," he said. Commission Chair Doug Thompson and Commissioners Larry Allen and Ray Price agreed "100 percent." Commissioner Andrea Clifford was not present. Thompson wants Mead to use "all efforts to prevent the settlement of these refugees in Wyoming." He went on to say that he did support the U.S. providing aid, as long as it was overseas. #county10 #news