Riverton Council approves resolution opposing medical marijuana

With little debate, the Riverton City Council approved a resolution Tuesday night opposing a ballot initiative for the Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Wyoming. City Administrator Steven Weaver said the focus of the city's opposition to the measure "is the effects of marijuana use on youth." Councilor Kyle Larson asked if any cost analysis had been done on the impact of such legislation in Wyoming. Weaver said the Wyoming Department of Revenue had looked at that, and while he said he didn't have the specific figures, he said the state would not benefit from any taxes generated. "Colorado said they would gain revenue, but that's not true," Larson said. "They are spending millions on health care." Only one audience member rose to speak on the question. George Wright simply said, "we need less dope users in our youth and not more. It's a bad idea as it would lead to legalization." When the vote was called, it was unanimous to approve the resolution opposing the ballot initiative. *Feature Photo: Seven months ago, a pro-medical marijuana rally was held in Riverton and several dozen people attended. Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news