Riverton completed Optional One Cent Tax projects of $1.6 million this summer; $16 million in total projects

At the end of this summer’s construction season, Riverton Public Works Director Kyle Butterfield presented a recap of infrastructure projects completed this year. Butterfield's report to the city council included both the optional one percent funded projects and projects funded by the city and other means. He said over $16 million in infrastructure work was completed this past summer in the city, the bulk of that total was for the realignment and reconstruction of the main runway at Riverton Regional Airport. He said one-percent tax projects amounted to $1.6 million and projects funded with grants and other city funds totaled $1 million. *2015 projects included:* • Water Treatment Plant high service pump replacement. The project was the replace aging equipment at the plant to enhance water treatment efficiency and production. The project was funded by the Wyoming State Lands and Investment Board. • Job Corp Center 2-million gallon water tank security fence. The project was to enhance security at the new water tank on Griffey Hill and to protect the city’s well #17. The project was funded by the Wyoming Water Development Commission. • Big Bend Drain Ditch Improvements. The project purpose was to improve the drain ditch to handle storm water runoff and mitigate flood danger. It was part of WYDOT’s South Federal Reconstruction Project. The project was funded by countywide Consensus funding and from city funds. • Skate Park at City Park. The Central Wyoming Skateboard Association raised the money from local fundraising and grants. • 2015 Fire Hydrant Replacement. Sixteen non-working and obsolete fire hydrants were replaced around the city. The project was funded by the city. • Riverton Regional Airport Runway Reconstruction Project to correct a non-compliant runway gradient on the west end of the runway. The west end of the runway was lowered some 12 feet with the removed soil placed in a ravine at the north end of the cross-wind runway for future expansion. Three new taxiways were also constructied, lighting and signage was upgraded, service roads were improved, the general aviation and commercial aviation aprons were seal coated and NAVAIDS at the west end of the runway updated. The project funding came from the Federal Aviation Administration, WYDOT Aeronautics, county consensus funding and from a passenger facility charge. *Optional One-Percent Tax Projects * • Broadway/Monroe Neighborhood Concrete Project was to replace damaged curb and gutter and to enhance sidewalk accessibility. Some 2,250 linear feet of curb and gutter was replaced and 46 handicap ramps were constructed. The project included North Broadway from East Fremont to East Main; South Broadway from East Main to East Monroe; East Monroe from South Broadway to South 1st and on West Monroe from South 1st to South 4th West. • Rendezvous School Neighborhood Concrete Replacement to improve concrete infrastructure, drainage and ADA accessibility around the Rendezvous School. About 2,355 linear feet of curb and gutter was replaced along with 16 ADA sidewalk access ramps. The work occurred on North 4th West from West Pershing to West Park, the complete length of Elizabeth Drive, the cul-de-sacs on Mesquite, Sage and Cactus circles, North 5th West from West Park to West Main, North 6th West from West Park to West Main and West Park from North 5th West to Elizabeth. • East Pershing ADA Improvements. The project purpose was to improve ADA access along East Pershing. Seven ramps were added along the route. • North 1st Street Resurfacing from Sunset to Pershing to add years of useful life to North 1st by overlaying the street surface and adding ADA ramps. The project included the laying of 450 tons of asphalt and the addition of six ADA ramps. • North 16th East Street Resurfacing to add years of useful life to N. 16th E. with an asphalt overlay, improving drainage and adding ADA ramps. The project added 21 handicapped ramps and 1,403 tons of asphalt was laid. • North Broadway and East Pershing Chip Seal project. North Broadway was chip sealed from East Main to East Pershing and East Pershing was chip sealed from North Broadway to North Federal. Some 26,100 square yards of chip seal was applied to the streets. • Logan Park, East Logan Park, Valley High Subdivisions surfacing. A Chip seal was added to increase the life of the streets. A total of 38,100 square yards of chip seal was laid down. The project area included Sherry Drive, Cascade, Westwood Drive, Sierra Drive, Shamrock Street, Big Horn Drive, Moose Drive, Elk Drive from East Sunset to North Broadway, Buffalo Avenue, Deer Avenue and Antelope Drive. Councilor Kyle Larson noted that the city "had used the one percent fund for roads and sidewalks just as we said we would. We did not use it anywhere else. I hope we can renew the tax because we are just paying ourselves, making the streets better and increasing our living standards. Everything goes up," he said. #county10 #news