A chilly morning at Riverton Regional Airport; Airport Board heard construction wrap-up

Just after 8:15 this morning, a Great Lakes Airlines flight from Worland headed to Denver stopped at Riverton Regional Airport to board passengers. The plane was also de-iced on its stop-over here. [image: Inline image 1] A half-dozen passengers boarded the flight to join those who had boarded in Worland. Riverton Airport Division Manager Paul Griffin told the airport board today that as of the end of October, 3,108 passengers had taken flights from the airport this year, down more than half from the 7,014 recorded in 2014 and way down from 17,035 in 2008. [image: Inline image 3] Recent Federal Aviation Administration requirements on pilot rest and total hours in the cockpit resulted in greatly reduced service for all regional airlines, including Great Lakes, due to pilot shortages. Riverton is currently served by a nine-passenger Beech 1900 several times a day. The airline has requested a waiver from the FAA to again fly with 19 passenger aircraft, which the City of Riverton is supporting. [image: Inline image 4] The Fremont Area Service Team, or FAST, has collected $2.6 million in pledges during the past year as a revenue guarantee to enhance service at the airport and is working with Wyoming Aeronautics to secure additional service. [image: Inline image 5] During this morning's Airport Board work session, in the span of two hours, four aircraft landed at Riverton Regional, including the Great Lakes Flight, two private aircraft and a cargo flight for UPS flown by Key Lime Air. General Aviation flights at the airport have remained steady heading into the slower winter season with 306 operations in October compared with 315 in September. #county10 #news