Pickup slid into WYDOT Snowplow this morning just south of Riverton; No injuries

A Wyoming Department of Transportation snow plow truck was struck by a driver Friday morning on slick roads south of Riverton on Wyoming 789. "Nobody was injured and the plow and driver are back out on the road, but we really need drivers' help this fall and winter during snow storms. We need people to slow down, buckle up and drive defensively," said WYDOT heavy equipment operator Shane Pugh of Riverton. The female driver of a Ford pickup was turning and, due to the slick conditions, slid into the rear of the snowplow. WYDOT has numerous bright yellow snow plows, and when working the roads, these plow trucks have amber, red and blue flashing lights mounted on top of the cab and on the back of the sanders. "Stay well back from operating snow plows," Pugh said. "They are spreading sand, anti-icing and de-icing chemicals on the roadway. It's always a good idea to stay back from snow plows while their operators are doing their jobs. And please, if possible, don't pass the plows." With limited visibility, snow plow drivers can't see vehicles behind them if the vehicles are too close to the plows. "Remember, the safest driving surface is behind the plow. If you must pass, don't pass on the right into the plume of snow being moved," Pugh said. "Be sure on two-lane highways that you have plenty of time to pass. Keep a close watch, these huge plows often stir up their own whiteout conditions while doing their work." WYDOT snow plows usually operate at slower speeds than other traffic. "Always remember our plows are helping to keep you safe," Pugh said. "We're on your team. A few extra minutes of travel time following a plow are well worth it when compared to the problems associated with being involved in a crash." *Feature Photo: WYDOT / Pitchengine Communities*