Riverton School Bus Drivers practiced evacuation drill

School bus safety drills are held each month for drivers in Fremont County School District 25 and this past week, the drills took on a very realistic scenario. Using a non-irritating smoke-like fog, a school bus was filled with the "smoke" and drivers had to go inside and experience what it would be like if their bus ever encountered such a problem. They also had to search the bus for any occupants inside, some of which were on the floor and others in the seats. "It was a good drill and it reinforces for the drivers why they need to keep an accurate count of how many kids are on their bus," said D. J. Davis at the bus barn on Monday. "The kids early in the year are taught that when a bus needed to be evacuated, they should grab the hand of the child behind them and help lead everyone off of the bus. Once in a safe area, the driver needs to take a head count to make sure everyone is off of the bus, or go back in and find them." Such safety drills are held each month. "It was eye opening for some who hadn't experienced that before," Davis said. "Some had done this drill before, others had not. It's all about keeping kids out of danger," he said. Feature Photo: FCSD#25 / Pitchengine Communities #county10 #news