Snapped: Not exactly huggable

Porcupines might look cuddly, but they're not something you really want to wrap your arms around. This particular critter was spotted recently at the South Pass Rest area. "I was making an evening check out here at the South Pass rest area when I saw this big bushy bundle slowly waddling around on the lawn under a spotlight," photographer Andrew Call said. "So, I quickly walked home, grabbed the camera, and I got as close as I dared. The darkness made it difficult to get clear photos, but I snapped a few good ones. He was just hanging out doing his thing until I got too close. Then, he stopped moving completely, stood up, and looked right at me for a little while before wandering off down the hill." [image: porcupine_4.jpeg.jpg] Have a great photo you want to share with the community? Click here or use the orange plus button on the homepage. *h/t Andrew Call / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news #snapped