Speeders Beware: Extra Traffic Patrols on now through New Years

Riverton Police Captain Todd Byerly Wednesday said the RPD is participating in a Holiday Season Traffic Safety Grant which means more officers will be on patrol enforcing traffic laws. "We want to make sure that people get to their destinations safely, so we are stepping up traffic enforcement between now and January 3," he said. "We are especially paying close attention to the entrances to the town to cut down on speeders entering town." Byerly said the extra enforcement effort is being funded by a Traffic Safety Grant that pays officer's overtime and allows for the purchase of special equipment. One item now in use is what Byerly called a "Lidar" a hand-held radar that is able to track speed and also used for measuring on wrecks. "It's more high-tech than a simple radar. We have one of those now and another is coming under that grant." The Captain said the equipment requires special officer certification, "and we have one officer now certified to use them. More will be trained on it," he said. The grant totaled some $25,000. #county10 #news