Luckey Pond, Lander's local fishing pond, will be off limits this winter

Installation of a new aerator at Luckey Pond will make the ice much thinner than usual, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department reported this week. In cooperation with the Wyoming Life Resource Center, the access road to the pond has been closed and the gate has been locked until ice on the pond melts this coming spring. The WGFD said the action was taken in the interest of public Safety as the new aerator “will provide more dissolved oxygen to prevent the winter and summer kill of fish in the pond,” and “It will also prevent the ice from freezing solidly enough to be safe.” Winter ice fishing will not be possible due to the hazardous ice conditions. Pets are also discouraged from using the area. For information, contact the Lander Regional WGFD office at 332-2688. *Feature Photo: Scenes like this one at Luckey Pond are off limits this winter after installation of an aerator has created hazardous ice conditions. (Pitchengine Communities)*