Big Budget cuts coming to county government; Assessed value to slip by $270-million

The Fremont County Commissioners in a news release issued Monday indicated that some services to county residents would be curtailed in the next fiscal year due to budget constraints. The commissioners said Wyoming Department of Revenue estimates for the first two quarters reveal a “significant reduction in the oil and gas prices which will reduce the county’s assessed value going into the next budget cycle.” Currently, Fremont County’s assessed value is $916,766,870 but the estimated 2016 assessed value is only $647-million, a decline of nearly $270-million. “This decline is based on the value of natural gas and oil and it does not indicate that local values on real estate and business equipment are declining,” according to the statement. At this point, the statement released today indicated that no budget decisions have been mad but that the county’s elected officials “are taking a comprehensive, collaborative, proactive approach to minimize the impact to Fremont County citizens and the services provided.” #county10 #news