Leaking tank remediation projects set locally; Riverbank stabilization planned

The Wyoming Underground Storage Tank Remediation Program has scheduled a number of Fremont County projects, according to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. Projects currently in design with construction projected for 2016 include several in Shoshoni and Lysite. Projects currently under construction or bids have been opened include several in the Lander and Hudson area. The remediation effort involves cleaning up sites where underground tanks have leaked threatening groundwater contamination. *Popo Agie Streambank Work* The DEQ also reported that Intermountain Aquatics has requested a waiver for a temporary increase in turbidity in the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River. The request is for 15 working days for the proposed stabilizing and reducing stress along the riverbanks and enhancing in-stream fish habitat. The area includes about a one-mile stretch of the Popo Agie that runs through Lander City Park and just outside of the city limits. Public comment on the latter project is open through December 8th. #county10 #news