Telephone Fraud: Elderly resident scammed out of $991

Riverton police reported Tuesday that an 86-year-old Riverton woman received a scam telephone call on Monday and, unfortunately, sent the scammer nearly $1,000. Police Captain Eric Murphy said the woman reported that a caller identified himself as being from the U.S. Marshal's Office, that she had missed a court date, and unless she sent $991 immediately, she would be arrested. The caller told the woman to buy a Green Dot card, load $991 on it, call him back and give him the number of the card and the case would be settled. She did. Thinking things might not have been right, she then called police, but it was too late. Her money was gone. This scam has been operating in the area with variations including missing jury duty, failing to pay a traffic fine, overdue power company bills, and such. Murphy said family of elderly residents should alert their loved ones not to fall for such a scam, even though it may sound convincing. "Call another family member first, don't give these callers money," he said. This is not the first instance this fall of an elderly resident being scammed out of money. #county10 #news