Be WISE and Join Wind River Realty's Home Certification Program

*(Fremont County, Wyo.)* - Wind River Realty recently launched its exclusive Wyoming WISE Home Certification program to give customers an added level of service and peace of mind. The purpose of the program is to streamline the process of buying or selling a home while also providing some unique benefits to both buyers and sellers. *Benefits for Buyers* A Wyoming WISE Certified Home must pass a rigorous inspection before being listed for sale. All repairs are outlined, and an estimate for completing the repairs is included in a pre-purchase report. You will know exactly what the home will need before ever signing your name on the mortgage documents! And because Wyoming WISE homes are inspected, there are time savings as well - closings will be faster, and the likelihood of TRID delays will be minimized. Wyoming WISE also offers buyers significant financial benefits. Each Wyoming WISE Certified Home comes with a seller-paid one-year warranty. The warranty covers everything in the house, from the electrical system to the refrigerator. You can rest assured knowing that if something does go wrong, you’re covered. There are hundreds of dollars in other savings as well, with a seller-paid inspection report, discounts on closing fees, and savings on appraisal fees if you buy the home through a Wind River Realty agent. *​Benefits for Sellers* One of the best benefits for sellers is that the Wyoming WISE program helps your home stand out in a flooded market, and which has slowed down significantly in recent months. The WISE designation means your home can be marketed as a certified home, complete with the home warranty and inspections discussed above. The WISE designation appears across Wind River Realty’s marketing channels, from sign riders on yard signs to social media mentions and blogs. Having your home marketed as a certified home will increase buyer interest and help you sell your home more quickly and for the best price. The home warranty that comes with the program is a benefit for sellers as much as it is for buyers. If you have to move before your home sells, rest easy knowing that the home warranty covers your home should something go wrong. Whether your pipes burst or your furnace goes bad, you won't pay for costly repairs. Wind River Realty has made paying for the WISE program as simple as possible for sellers as well. There are flexible payment options that allow you to choose the best way to pay for this exclusive program. You can pay in full up front or choose to add the program to the commission fee. *Make a WISE Decision Today!* Wind River Realty is ready to help you realize your real estate goals with the Wyoming WISE Home Certification Program. If you’re selling, the WISE designation will help differentiate your home from the crowd and get more buyer interest. If you’re a buyer, you will save hundreds of dollars and have peace of mind knowing that the home you want to purchase is inspected, has a warranty, and is priced right! *Call one of our agents today at 856-3999 or stop by our office at 309 N Broadway in Riverton to learn more about this amazing opportunity and discover just what benefits Wyoming WISE can offer you.* Be sure to follow @wyomingwise on Twitter for updates! #news #sponsored #county10