BREAKING: Man believed struck by vehicle Monday night is paralyzed

A 41-year-old Riverton man spent most of the day Tuesday in surgery at a hospital in Salt Lake City after he was apparetly struck from behind by an unknown motorist on Monday night. Riverton Police Captain Eric Murphy said the man suffered a severed spinal cord and is paralyzed below the waist. Detectives from the Salt Lake City Police were unable to speak with the victim on Tuesday because he was in surgery, Murphy said. The man was found hypothermic and laying alongside the Pure Gas Road Monday night around 10:30 p.m. by a passerby. He was taken to SageWest Health Care Hospital for emergency treatment and then flown to Utah for specialized treatment and surgery. Murphy said the man was unable to say what happened to him because of the hypothermia, but police believe he was struck by a vehicle. He was found north of the Holiday Inn and between the hotel and the Redwood Apartments. "The case is in active investigation, we'll see how he is today after surgery and if he can provide more detailed information, we'll send a dectective there to interview him," Murphy said. No other information on the victim was available, only his age and that he is a Riverton resident. [image: Inline image 1] The victim was apparently struck from behind as he walked along Pure Gas Road (above) on Monday night. The RPD reported today the man suffered a severed spinal cord. (Pitchengine Communities) #county10 #news