First reading on rezoning request for a Tractor Supply store on West Main passed city council Tuesday night

The Riverton City Council passed a zoning change request Tuesday night that would allow construction of a Tractor Supply Company store on West Main Street. Only Mayor Lars Baker voted against the change. Two more readings of the ordinance are necessary before any change could take place. During a public hearing on the request, only one resident rose to speak against the rezoning. Adjacent resident Vanessa Dickinson expressed her concern about potential impacts from the retail store, including noise, dust, and light pollution which she said would diminish her quality of life. Dickinson suggested the store be located in an area where other high traffic stores are located such as North Federal. [image: Inline image 1] *Vanessa Dickinson said she opposed the rezoning request* In response, the Development Manager for the project, Derek Marine, said Tractor Supply Company specializes in rural area locations. He said Riverton is a good fit for the company. Steve Younger, who manages the firm's company owned stores, said six other Tractor Supply stores are located in Wyoming, including Casper, Rawlins, Cody, Gillette, Sheridan and Douglas with one under construction in Cheyenne that would open in February. "We're a low impact retailer, not open 24 hours a day. We don't need to be in a high-intensity retail location, we're a destination store," he said. "We cater to a rural lifestyle, small farms and ranchettes and those people." [image: Inline image 2] *Steve Younger said Tractor Supply is a low impact retailer* The development company has also agreed to a high fence for sound and visual screening of the store from its neighbors and for landscaping. Baker said his major concern is other uses for the property if for some reason Tractor Supply isn't there. "What we see here with a commercial highway zone is a lot of things that could go in there besides Tractor Supply." City Administrator Steven Weaver said the council should only be concerned with the zoning change and not the proposed tenant. "Is this the best use for this area," he asked. "If it is compatible with the area then vote for that and if not then don't rezone it." Councilors Mike Bailey and Kyle Larson both said the zoning was compatible and the proposed store would increase the city's tax base and create jobs. Without other discussion, the motion to approve on first reading passed 6-1. #county10 #news