Active Shooter? Here's what law enforcement advises: Don't become a victim

The national news today is filled with reports of the slaying of 14 people in a government building out in California. That begs the question, what should you do if an active shooter enters your building? The answer is A.L.i.C.E. - Alert-Lockdown-Inform-Counter and Evacuate. Most law enforcement agencies, including those in Wyoming, have embraced this protocol and have practiced it for the last several years, at school buildings, hospitals, an airport terminal and government buildings. Here are your options: • Call 911 at the first sign of a problem. Let them know specifically where the problem is. Give street address and room number and where in the building you are located. • Alert others in your building. • Blockade the door to your room or office to slow the advance of the shooter. Make it hard for the shooter to get to you. The extra time may facilitate your escape. When the shooter hears a siren, they'll change their focus to meeting law enforcement. • Devise an escape strategy. • Evacuate through a window if needed and run the opposite way of the threat. • If evacuation is not possible, prepare a defense, fight back. • Do not become a victim. So it can't happen here you say? Recent firearm scares were reported at Casper College and near Roosevelt High in Casper. Folks in Sheridan still remember when a 29-year-old man walked onto an athletic field in 1993 and began shooting at 5th and 6th-grade students. Four were wounded, not seriously, and the gunman later shot himself and died. Just this week, a man wearing a holstered gun walked into a Riverton financial institution to do his banking, but someone panicked and reported an armed robbery. Someone packing is not unusual in Wyoming since individuals are allowed to carry firearms without a concealed carry permit here. It's said that there are more firearms than people and wildlife in Wyoming. So the lesson is this, call 911, block doors, devise an escape strategy and know that breaking a window to get out of harms way won't get you in trouble. *Feature Photo: Fremont County Law Enforcement Officers practiced an active shooter scenario in a school classroom. (Pitchengine Communities) * #county10 #news #oilcity #reboot #buckrail #dally #shortgo #county17