Lauderdale gets prison time for second degree sexual abuse of a minor

Ninth District Court Judge Norman E. Young has sentenced 26-year-old Patric 'Toby' Lauderdale for the second degree sexual assault of a minor girl. He will serve 2-6 years for the crime. It was recognized by all during yesterday's sentencing hearing that cases like this are difficult to find an appropriate sentence. The sex between Lauderdale, who was 25 at the time, was consensual with the 14-year-old girl. It was further complicated by the fact that Lauderdale had a virtually non-existent criminal record before this. The victim told the court today that she has suffered severe depression since the relationship and that it has been difficult for her family. Fremont County Deputy Attorney Dan Stebner said in this case deterrence for Lauderdale to not commit the crime again has been accomplished. However, when it comes to sentencing, it comes down to straight punishment for depriving the girl of childhood, for taking advantage of her, and for failing to meet societal expectations. Per the plea agreement, Lauderdale could not be sentence to more than 10 years. Stebner asked for 5-10 years. On Lauderdale's behalf, his mother and sister spoke. They told the Judge what a stand-up citizen he's been, detailing his many community service contributions over his life time, and talked about how helpful he's been a great brother and uncle. His attorney Sky Phifer noted that Lauderdale was not the instigator in the relationship, but that he should have said no. He described his client as the baby of the family and immature. He noted that a psychosexual evaluation found no cause to consider Lauderdale a threat to society. For an ambitious citizen like Lauderdale, having to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life and the consequences of being a convicted felon are quite severe, he said. He asked for probation or a community alternatives program as a sentence. Lauderdale, too, spoke and apologized for his actions, saying he takes full responsibility. He said he should have been mature enough to say no. Ultimately, Young said he didn't disagree with any of the arguments made by either side, calling these types of cases the most difficult to sentence. But bottom line, some things are "just flat wrong," and this is one of those things. He sentenced Lauderdale to 2-6 years in prison, with credit for six days served so far. *image h/t bikeriderlondon/Shutterstock.* #county10 #news