School bus fly-bys increasing in Riverton; First violator had large fine

There were one dozen school bus fly-bys reported in Riverton this past month according to statistics from the Riverton Police Department. Of those, three of the license plates captured on video did not return to the actual registered vehicle. One was a non-violation after video was reviewed and two are pending contact with the vehicle driver. Of citations issued, four were to drivers between 30 to 40 years old and two were teenaged drivers. Cited were men aged 17, 18, 31 and 37 years and females aged 33 and 39 years old. None of the drivers cited in November have yet made court appearances. According to Riverton Municipal Court, one person pleaded guilty in September, there were no court appearances in October for anyone charged but in November, four guilty pleas have been received from drivers ticketed in October. The highest penalty so far was a $410 bond placed on the violater who pleaded guilty in September, according to court documents. #county10 #news