Riverton now has its first French Restaurant open daily

Eighteen Days. That's how long Les Complements Cafe & Catering has been open in Riverton as of Friday. Chef Mary Ann Burt and Kevin Millard have worked since June on the space, at 221 West Main, but the story of how a French Restaurant came to Riverton began much earlier. [image: Inline image 1] Two Hundred and Fifteen years earlier, to be exact. That's when this story begins when Basil Lajeunesse was born in Paris. He later became well known as a free French trapper and trader in the West and was a guide for John C. Fremont's explorations. He married into the Shoshone Tribe and Kevin traces his family history on his mother's side to that marriage. [image: Inline image 2] *The French Free Trapper and trader Basil Lajeunesse* For Burt, her part of this story came much later, in the early 1990's when, after being fully schooled in American cooking for her large family, and her experiences traveling the world, she took her ability up a notch and trained at the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. They now have created Riverton's first French restaurant, with authentic French dishes combined with American cuisine with a French Flavor. Diners can read the full history of the families on the back of menus, which feature dishes such as Belgium waffles for breakfast, croissants, of course, plus Tourte Milanese and Steak Au Poivre for lunch with more familiar American entrees on tap for dinner, again with a French flair. [image: Inline image 3] *The dining room* The dining room is filled with large wooden tables and chairs, and it's not uncommon to share a table with others when the restaurant gets busy. The walls are decorated with family photos from the 1870s and beyond for a very French/Western look. Chef Mary Ann visits the dining room frequently to talk with customers and to ensure they are happy with their meal. [image: Inline image 4] *Roasted Vegetables, pastries, and desserts* [image: Inline image 5] *Family photos adorn the walls. Be sure ask why the gentleman in the center at right has a bandage on his hand... * [image: Inline image 6] *The Steak Au Poivre* *Read more about the restaurant on their Facebook page here . * *Les Complements Cafe & Catering* *221 East Main Street, Riverton * *307-463-0440* *Hours: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.* *Feature Photo: From the lunch menu, French Tourte Milanese. (Pitchengine Communities) * #county10 #news #sponsored