Trouble with your news stream? Let's get you fixed up!

Technology is ever-changing. We've heard from some of you that you are having difficulty opening stories from places like email or Facebook. We hear you and have a few solutions to get you back in the mix! *Trouble from your smartphone? *Older Android phones have trouble because of the older default browsers. Grab the latest version of Chrome from the app store and you'll be good to go! *Trouble from Facebook?* It could be related to Facebook's in-app browser on your smartphone. Here's how you can fix it (and get all kinds of other features on other sites as well). *Trouble from a desktop computer?* Sounds like your browser is more than a couple years old, so you just need to update it. Here's a link to do that easily: http:/// Thanks for reading! Enjoy your new, fancy browsers! :) #news #county10 #oilcity #shortgo #buckrail #dally #reboot #county17