A peek at Winter Wildlife across Wyoming

(Wyoming) - Last week we shared a story about 10 must-do things across Wyoming in the wintertime. One of these is wildlife viewing...and for good reason. Check our our 10 favorite wildlife photos from across Wyoming, snapped by YOU, our talented readers. Share your snaps with us here. *1. Kestral in snowy Riverton. *This beautiful bird was spotted seeking shelter from the snow on a local's porch overhang. h/t Murray Ritland / Pitchengine Communities [image: 9ea20d2b-e273-4bf5-9fe5-9b0b19dea9fd.jpg] *2. Elk on the move near Jackson Hole.* h/t @BradleyCastenada / Pitchengine Communities [image: 8d973faa-3bdb-4a17-b853-00ffecc56787 (1).png] *3. Resting Rams near Cody, Wyo*. h/t Richard Jones / Pitchengine Communities [image: cae475cb-ffeb-4068-816f-e59f2a01c1d4.jpg] *4. Bighorn Sheep near the National Elk Refuge in Jackson.* h/t Seth Allan Ames via Instagram / Pitchengine Communities [image: 72e8db3f-a5d5-4774-b0b7-9246513b823c.png] *5. A nice buck hanging out in the backyard of Lander. * [image: 9e6a2a0e-bd5b-4608-95e7-899cf8de641e.jpg] *6. Ruffled Grouse in Sheridan. *h/t Nick Ciaravella shared this Wyoming photo as @moosejawbravo on Instagram / Pitchengine Communities [image: 8dd9383b-7dcc-4dc5-86a9-3cd14a10ac7c.png] *7. Nice buck in Casper* h/t Jim Atack / Pitchengine Communities [image: 0.png] *8. Hungry Buffalo at TerryBisonRanch near Cheyenne.* h/t Katie Weidenkeller / Pitchengine Communities [image: Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.12.50 PM.png] *9. A gaggle of geese in Sheridan! *They seem to be enjoying the recent 40 degree day! [image: 5c7a1e62-7f7f-4c0f-ab50-2c09eb309551.jpg] *10. Moose on Riverview in Riverton. *Occasionally, locals in the sage out west of Riverton will spot a moose or a bear, but it doesn't happen very often. This cow moose and calf were seen last Saturday. h/t Dennis Lawrence / Pitchengine Communities [image: 28a8d859-05aa-4c57-84a9-46150d93b623.jpg] *11. more just because it's so gorgeous.* Snowy fox in Jackson. The white of the snow can really reveal some of the most beautiful animals that we have here in Wyoming. @ClayAllen74 snapped this shot of a stunning fox in western Wyoming yesterday. [image: d9efe003-cf97-4a20-931a-b30d1b53c2f2.png] #county10 #oilcity #dally #shortgo #county17 #reboot #buckrail #news #snapped #blaze