Drunk allegedly beats up wife and kids using his fists, a wooden chair and a telephone; Four sent to the hospital

A 35-year-old Riverton man has been charged with domestic violence and three counts of child abuse after a fight early Monday morning in which he hit one child repeatedly with a wooden chair and another with a land line telephone while attacking his wife. Floyd Oldman was charged after the incident at 12:54 a.m. in the 500 block of South 3rd West. A Riverton police report indicated responding officers found the man's wife and four children running down the street without shoes trying to flee from Oldman. "The children were crying and complaining they could not feel their feet due to the cold," Captain Eric Murphy said, reading from the report. Oldman allegedly came home intoxicated and began arguing with his wife. He began yelling at her, grabbed her phone and threw it, picked up tools and began striking her and then hurled her across the room, the report indicated. "When one of the couple's children, who were all under the age of 12, came out to protect his mother, Oldman picked up a wooden chair and hit the child four times," Murphy said. "He also broke that child's phone to prevent him from calling for help, and then took a land line telephone and struck another child over the head with it, causing a bleeding laceration." The oldest child then apparently gathered up his three siblings and took them out of the house while Oldman's wife fought him off using bear spray. She then ran out and joined her children and began running away. Murphy said the children all told basically the same story when interviewed separately. The mother and kids were taken to the hospital for treatment and then later released. The mother suffered an abrasion on one of her shoulders, blood was coming from her mouth, there was bruising and scratching on both arms and she was complaining of back pain when officers arrived. She underwent a CT Scan and X-rays at the hospital. The child with the laceration was also patched up and the others were treated for unspecified injuries. When arrested, Oldman had a 0.12% Blood Alcohol level. When released from the hospital, the police transported his wife and the kids to a safe undisclosed location. #county10 #news