LMS Science Fair top projects headed to the county competition

The local Science Fair judging occurred on Thursday, December 3rd at the Lander Middle School. Judges from the Wyoming BLM, Creative Energies, Department of DEQ, Sinks Canyon State Park, community members, the FCSD#1 Administrative Offices and school district personnel donated their time to interview students and determine the top three places in each category. The judge’s feedback is used by the students to make improvements to their exhibit boards. Judges are an important aspect of the science fair process. The top three projects qualified for the county fair, which will be held at CWC in Riverton the beginning of February. *Animal Science* 1st: Asha Reid “Which Nest is Best? 2nd: Kristen McPherson “Ingrained Behavior” 3rd: Taylor Romans & Lily Swanson “ We Got the Beat” HM: KayKay Sandall “No Deer Here: Scents Make Sense” *Behavioral Science* 1st: Ellie Jones “Hands Free: Deadly” 2nd: Abby Copeland “Emotions Battle” 3rd: Delaney Shanley “Concentration Game” HM: LeighAnna Asbury “Tests Hooray or No-Way!” HM: Paige O’Connor “Color Code” *Biomedical & Health Sciences* 1st: Kate Wilmot “Tide & Shell” 2nd: Sierra Firth “Protect Your Melon” 3rd: Jonas Calvert “Radiation” HM: Jazmyn Dighton *Chemistry* 1st: Seneca Kail “Crazy Cupcakes” 2nd: Hannah Smithson “A Fruity Drawback” 3rd: Eli Mazurie “Melting Ice” HM: Noah Gist “It’s Boiling” [image: Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.43.59 PM.png] *Earth & Environmental Sciences* 1st: Ryan Edinger “Eroded” 2nd: Nakiya Beddoes “The Growth” 3rd: Logan Linton “Lander’s Langelier Saturation Index” HM: Atalie Thatch “In a Flash….. Regrowth in Ash” *Energy: Chemical* 1st: Sierra Lloyd “Scrap Energy” 2nd: BoaXin Tilton “Power of Poo” 3rd: Xavier Stover “Interruption of Power” HM: Laura Dockery & Kyle Neuenschwander “Electric Spuds” *Energy: Physical* 1st: Alainna Mikkelson “The Scientific Solar Water Heater” 2nd: Wyatt Cecrle “Solar vs Battery” *Engineering: Mechanical* 1st: Jaren Calkins “Drive For Show, Putt for Dough” 2nd: L’anza White “Safe Seats for Kids” 3rd: Savannah West “Into the Target” HM: Shaelyn Harmon *Environmental Engineering* 1st: Kaleb Simonson “Waddle While You Work” 2nd: Whitney Hansen “The Soil” 3rd: Orion Aronson “Moist Mulch” HM: Allison Cardine [image: Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.44.15 PM.png] *Material Science* 1st: Sydney Mondor “A Bedding Revolution?” 2nd: Jenny Bautz “Foam Cells: Open vs Closed” 3rd: Rebecca Whiting “Diaper Duty” HM: Kobbe Mitchell “Hot or Cold” HM: Garrett Clifford “Traction in Action” *Math & Embedded Systems* 1st: Elijah Applegate “Who Will Win the Super Bowl?” 2nd: Brianna Rich “Automatic Pet Feeder” *Microbiology* 1st: Ross Anderson “Banishing Bacteria” *Physics & Astronomy* 1st: Mia Copeland “Elastic Collisions” 2nd: Emma Gist “The Shapes in Waves” 3rd: Megan Haratyk “No Longer Future” *Plants* 1st: Skyler Woodruff “First in Fertilizer” 2nd: Noah Hampton “April Showers” 3rd: Tori Newton “Does Wifi Rot Your Brain?” #county10 #news