Photo Gallery: Icy rescue on Ray Lake

Local Gene Herman is safe after his ATV fell through the ice more than 200 feet out into the water on Ray Lake this afternoon. In the roughly one hour that it took to coordinate the water rescue, the ATV was slowly sinking deeper into the water, but it was definitely stuck. The vehicle was reportedly an amphibious craft. Fremont County Search & Rescue's Water Rescue Team from Riverton led the charge, with one man linked to hundreds of feet of rope walking out to the ATV to retrieve Herman. A team of men on the shore had hold of the rope, while a couple others were also hooked up with ropes should they be needed to go help as well. Only one went due to concerns about weight on the ice. Herman tells County 10 that he's embarrassed but glad to be back on shore. He and his dog, who was with him, were uninjured. He was even able to stay relatively dry until he exited with S&R's help. [image: atv1.JPG][image: atv2.JPG] [image: rescue1.JPG] [image: rescue2.JPG] [image: rescue3.JPG] [image: rescue4.JPG] [image: rescue6.JPG] [image: rescue7.JPG] #county10 #news