Four new courses approved for Riverton High School to start in fall of 2016

On a 5-2 vote, the Riverton School Board Tuesday night approved four new classes for next fall at Riverton High School. Board members Sandy Barton and Dean Peranteaux said their no votes were not about the classes, but about a lack of information and data about the classes. Barton proposed an amendment to delay approval of two of the classes until January so more information could be provided. It failed, also 5-2. The new classes authorized include Google IT, Advance Auto Fabrication, Advanced Photoshop and Photography and Personal Finance. Barton wanted to know about the local business involvement or sign-off for the Auto Fabrication and Photoshop classes. RHS Principal John Griffith said he would provide the board with that additional information. "It passed this time but in the future we'll expect a higher level of information and data from you," Board Chairman Carl Manning cautioned Griffith. Griffith said the Google IT class was needed "because we are finding our students and staff are all over the place with the ability to use it," he said, noting the RHS became a Google campus this year. "We are excited to get this, we need it. Students need a knowledge base of what to do once they get into the system," he said. "We also want to engage students more with the public and we'll be looking at how we can publish information with Google since we no longer have a student newspaper." The Advanced Auto Fabrication course will be held in conjunction with Central Wyoming College to fill a gap in the high school's current curriculum. "We had to find another way to get another advance course for them before they transition to the program at the college." He said there would be no staffing needed and no budgetary impact. The Advanced Photoshop and Photography class came about, "because a number of students are interested in going further with Photoshop, and we don't have that option for them now," Griffith said. "We'll focus on the artistic as well as the business aspect of photography." The fourth approved new class is Personal Finance. "There is a lot of interest in this with our younger students, especially because it is a challenge for some of them being math prepared enough so they can advance to the Money 101 program at the college. It will give them an opportunity to take dual credit." #county10 #news