Hunting ban in Lander city limits put on hold

After discussion at tonight's Lander City Council meeting, the proposed ordinance that would effectively ban hunting in city limits was put on hold. Several issues with the ordinance as it is currently written were raised, and City Attorney Adam Phillips said it likely too simple with too broad of definitions to make it enforceable. One resident submitted a letter arguing that several incidents demonstrating irresponsibility by hunters this year shouldn't lead to an all-out ban. Lander Police Chief Bob Cecrle detailed several accounts of wounded deer leaving the property where they were shot resulting in messes for unsuspecting residents and trespassing incidents. There was also an incident involving an arrow being lodged in the side of someone's home. It is a public safety issue, he said. Wyoming Game & Fish Information Officer Rene Schell told the council that her agency was supportive of ending deer hunting in town, noting it results in several issues for them annually, specifically trespassing and waste. However, she said that as the ordinance is currently written, the term hunting could be legally tough to enforce. She said other towns have written their ordinances so that the use of certain weapons or arrow tips are illegal in town. Additionally, banning "hunting" would make killing feral cats or other designated predator or invasive species like collared doves illegal. The council decided to do more work on the ordinance before putting it through three readings. #county10 #news