Happy Wyoming Day!

(Wyoming) — It's Wyoming Day in the Equality State! According to the Wyoming State Archives Dec. 10 officially became Wyoming Day in 1935: "Why December 10th and not July 10th, the day we became a state? Well, because the ladies of the Wyoming Federation of Women’s Clubs requested it be celebrated in December. "From 1917 until it became official in 1935, each state legislature passed a resolution proclaiming December 10th Wyoming Day." The Women's Suffrage Bill was approved on Dec. 10, 1869, after being sent to the Territorial House on Nov. 30, 1869. The bill granted every woman in Wyoming the right to vote and to hold office: "AN ACT TO GRANT THE WOMEN OF WYOMING TERRITORY THE RIGHT OF SUFFRAGE, AND TO HOLD OFFICE," the bill states. *[image: Inline image 1]**h/t UW Foundation/Pitchengine Communities* *Feature photo: A statue of Esther Hobart Morris of South Pass City, the first female justice of the peace, stands in front of the Wyoming Capitol building in Cheyenne./Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news