Local man charged with burglarizing a Hudson church

A 20-year-old Lander man could spend up to 10 years in prison after he allegedly broke into a church and stole a large TV. Nicholas Fuqua is charged with a single count of felony burglary in connection to an incident that occurred on Nov. 9. It all began when I deputy reportedly found Fuqua walking on the shoulder of Highway 789 near Hudson, carrying a large TV. His hands had fresh cuts and blood. At that time he was arrested for Pedestrian Under the Influence and Underage Consumption of Alcohol. After booking Fuqua, the deputy returned to the area where he'd found him and discovered that Hudson Baptist Church appeared to have been burglarized. "We observed a broken window, with glass lying outside on the ground," the affidavit states. "Next to the glass was a red handled rake. The screen to the window was hanging down with a pattern of holes in it, which appeared consistent with having been punctured by the head of the of the rake. Inside the window, a pew had been overturned." There was reportedly blood on the pew, light switches and at random spots around the church, including an empty corndog box in the kitchen. Corn dogs were found cooking in the oven. The TV Fuqua was found carrying was consistent to one missing from a wall in the church. An arraignment date, when Fuqua will enter a plea, has not yet been set. A photo of Fuqua was not immediately available. #county10 #news