Riverton's most dangerous intersections identified

In a traffic study conducted by the Riverton Police Report, two intersections in town were deemed as the most dangerous, one for the number of crashes reported there and one for the number of injuries that resulted from crashes. The study identified the 10 intersections where the most crashes occurred. Seven of the top 10 most dangerous crossings were on Federal Boulevard, including the most crashes, 46 at South Federal and East Monroe, and the most injury crashes, 15, at North Federal and Sunset. [image: 1.png] During 2015 to date, there were 362 reportable crashes involving property damage over $1,000 or personal injury or death. Fully one-third of those crashes were at intersections. In eight of the top 10 crashes, rear-end collisions were cited as the primary cause of the crash, which also included a combination of disregarding traffic control devices, running a red light, left turns and once instance of a right-turn related wreck. [image: 2.png] The days of the week with the most crashes were Friday with 68 wrecks, Wednesday with 63 crashes and Thursday with 51 fender-benders. Here's the day of the week crash totals: Friday 68 Wednesday 63 Thursday 51 Saturday 50 Tuesday 46 Sunday 42 Monday 42 In 139 of the crashes, citations were issued. Only 32 of the wrecks were weather related. Feature Photo: The intersection with the most injury crashes in Riverton is at North Federal and East Sunset where there were 36 total crashes resulting in 15 with injuries. Rear-end and left turns were the most common type of crashes there. #county10 #news