10 ways Wyomingites are preparing for the holidays!

(Wyoming) - 10 days, 15 hours, 2 minutes and 27 seconds until Christmas ... but who's counting?! Over the past couple of weeks our 7 Pitchengine community news streams across Wyoming have uniquely captured the traditions of Wyoming-ites preparing for the holidays. Whether it's cutting down the tree, singing carols or lighting up the town, Wyoming knows how to get into the holiday spirit. *1. We give back by ringing bells with the Salvation Army Kettle fundraiser. *Lander, Wyo. *2. We get our snow on!* Lander, Wyo. *3. We play outside like these 10 Veterans who participated in the Casper Biathlon event on Casper Mountain.* *4. Our towns light up! *Casper, Wyo. *5. Did we mention we like to play outside?! *Jackson Hole, Wyo. *6. We sing carols, like these fine carolers at the Wort in Jackson.* *7. Some of us do a little snow dance in hopes of more snow! *Cheyenne, Wyo. *8. We beautify our towns. *Sheridan, Wyo. *9. Who says fireworks are only for the 4th of July?! *Sheridan, Wyo. *10. And of course, we head to the mountains to chop down the perfect tree! * [image: 0d2bc319-449c-4288-abe9-5023ad17f526.jpg] How are you getting ready for the holidays. Share your family and community traditions with us here ! Feature photo: Goods and the Downs drove out from Cody through the Wapiti Valley and into North Fork to get their tree / Pitchengine Communities #county10 #reboot #oilcity #buckrail #county17 #shortgo #dally #news