New artist coop opens in Lander

The many of you driving down Lander's Main Street the last few weeks might have noticed a new storefront on the north side of the 300 block. ALCHEMY held its grand opening on Friday to a good crowd of community members. ALCHEMY represents the work of artists from around the Lander area and is run by the artists themselves. Those who are involved in the cooperative are (r-l above): Melissa Strickler, Noelle Weimann-Van Dijk, Anne Austin, Jeni Vander Voet, Stephanie Harris, Kristen Brown, Lennie Poitras, Bill Yankee, Shawna Pickinpaugh, Dannine Donaho, Deb Britt, Rosie Ratigan, Mary Haper, and Joel Newquist. [image: ALCHEMY promo.jpg] *Photos h/t Anne Austin / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news #business