September knife attack on the reservation officially charged in federal court

Last week, federal prosecutors formally charged a Wind River Indian Reservation resident with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon with Intent to Do Bodily Harm in connection to a stabbing that occurred back in September. Martin James Goggles allegedly stabbed a minor in the face during an altercation in the Beaver Creek housing area. According to a federal court complaint, the minor told investigators that he and others had been arguing while drinking. "Goggles chased him into the street and stabbed in the face with a knife," the affidavit states. "Minor #2 said he had been scared for his life and felt lucky to get away from Goggles." The victim's brother recalled a group of people sitting in a parked vehicle and passing around a bottle of UV Blue vodka. The brother said an argument began between the minors and Goggles, and Goggles pulled out a knife and threatened to slit their throats. The argument might have begun with one of the minors possibly flirting with Goggles' girlfriend; Goggles reportedly told investigators that he had been joking about harming the two boys. At one point, Goggles said that one of the boys tackled him and during that incident, the minor accidentally got cut in the face and that no harm was intended. An unnamed witness reportedly saw Goggles chasing the minor. The boy's injury was about 2 cm deep above his lip. The doctor considered the injury to be serious because of the location, amount of bleed and risk of infection. If found guilty, Goggles could serve up to 10 years in prison. #county10 #news