Coroner issues warning to Meth users: Local deaths from meth use are mounting

The Fremont County Coroner’s Office issued a Public Health warning today concerning the use of illegal drugs in the County, specifically, Methamphetamine. Three deaths have been recorded recently that were related to the use of this drug that occurred on October 26th, October 27th, and December 6th of 2015. This would be a period of approximately a week and a half time frame, and represents a serious spike in Methamphetamine related or caused deaths, considering that there was only one such related death in 2014, and none in the county up to this point this year, Stratemoen said in a statement released to the meda. Toxicology in case investigations may take anywhere from a week to several weeks if an autopsy is performed, so additional possible numbers from pending cases are not yet available, the Coroner said. The toxicology process also cannot tell any information as to possible adulterants or impurities that may be present in Methamphetamine that is available illegally in the community. Aside from the criminal aspects of the use of this illegal drug, Stratmoen said his office has the obligation to inform the public from a Public Safety standpoint that the use of Methamphetamine appears at this point to also include a high risk of death, based on current cases investigated by his department. *Feature Photo: Stock photo h/t Drew Stephens / Pitchengine Communities * #county10 #news