Lander City Council taking hunting issue in new direction

After the Lander City Council put a proposed hunting ban in city limits on hold earlier this month , last night the governing body took the idea in a different direction. Currently, bow hunting for deer is legal within city limits, but after a couple incidents this year, the idea to eliminate deer hunting came to the forefront. Lander Police Chief Bob Cecrle has previously detailed several accounts of wounded deer leaving the property where they were shot resulting in messes for unsuspecting residents and trespassing incidents. There was also an incident involving an arrow being lodged in the side of someone's home. But issues with actually banning hunting came up during the most recent meeting (linked to above). Following that, Cecrle and the City Attorney suggested amending the ordinance prohibiting the discharge of firearms to include the use of broadhead-tipped arrows. This would effectively ban deer hunting in city limits without making a blanket no hunting ordinance. Some locals did raise concerns that even field tips on arrows could be a public safety issue. However, no specific incidents regarding practice arrows or tips have been brought to the council's attention. No formal action was taken during the work session, but the council in general was favorable to this approach to the issue. The proposed revised ordinance as presented last night reads as follows: 7-8-2. Discharge of Firearms and Arrows Tipped with Broadheads Prohibited a)No person shall discharge any firearm in or into the City of Lander except on an authorized target range. b)No person shall shoot, release, discharge or otherwise propel an arrow or crossbow bolt with an attached broadhead, with the following exceptions: i.On private property that exceeds 4 acres in size with written permission of the owner. ii.Within a building. iii.With written authorization from the Chief of Police after demonstrating a safe place and method of confining the broadhead to that specific property. #county10 #news